Supernatural, "The Good Son" - Dean
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Title: The Good Son
Word Count: 839
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean
Pairing: None (Gen)
Genre: Brooding/Angst
Rating: PG-13 for the liberal use of "fuck." Past dialogue reference(s) up to, and including, 2x01.
Summary: Dean sits in a bar, broods, and thinks. We all know it happens.

Game face, right? Keep it on, protect Sammy. That was the job...Collapse )

What Jared and Jensen Were Doing to Make them Twenty Minutes Late
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So, yes, I'm back. A bit.

For those who don't know, Thursday is Nan's (estrella30) birthday. As she rocks a whole lot (and I say that without knowing her as well as a lot of others do), I decided to write her this Jared/Jensen, to be posted in the community made especially for her.

Title: What Jared and Jensen Were Doing to Make them Twenty Minutes Late
Fandom: RPS
Who: Jared P. and Jensen A.
FOR Who: estrella30, because she's pretty and doesn't know coding! And also because it's her birthday soon.
Words: Around 650.
Rating: Oh, you know, the kind where words like "cock," and situations that include blow jobs, are allowed. NWS, fo'sho'

What Jared and Jensen Were Doing to Make them Twenty Minutes Late*
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* refers to the Oct. issue of SFX.

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Work let us off early on account of the weekend being what it is and all. Whatever.

Hope everyone got their votes in over at the Choose Your Own Adventure, Supernatural part 3 poll. Poll officially closes tonight! Pimp around, vote, et cetera, if you want to see anything other than Dean walking in on Sam jacking off in a convenience store bathroom stall! Just warning you.

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You wish you were Nan! Supernatural comment porn (make way for wincest). A girl's gotta help another girl out in the way of ovaries bursting.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Supernatural, Part II
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Title: The one in which Sam realizes he has a kink for stubble.
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: R/NC-17
Words: 1,756
Summary: Sam and Dean are driving. Sam has a lot of
perverted thoughts and, uhh, finds a new kink! Vampire
talk begins.
Notes: Part 1. Thanks to shealynn88 and sailorhathor for the beta work. I'll stop tallying poll results for the next CYOA segment next Thursday, the 13TH, at 11:59pm. This should be plenty of time for all visitors to think over their decisions and vote. Pimp this to your friends!

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Poll #705594 Choose Your Own Adventure: Supernatural, part 3

What happens next?

I must have the Car Porn in the back seat!
Another pit stop at a store but Dean walks in on Sam, um, relieving tension.
More vampire talk!
The brothers reach Florida and harass local waitresses and patrons. Sam over-compensates out of guilt and pinches an ass. Blames it on his brother.
(Who cares? PORN!!!!!!!)

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Supernatural, partdeux, is still out with beta's. I choose to take this as a sign that we're all just, perhaps, a bit busy; not that it sucks.

Today I started a new job. I gave notice to my previous one on Friday. Typically it's the nice thing to do, giving people two weeks notice, but with temp agencies, there is no need. My supervisor from my assignment (of over a year) was sad to hear I was leaving but, ultimately, I'm happy with the decision to leave. It may have entirely been based on money, but I also know that the work itself won't make me want to pack a revolver. Just sayin'.

Hopefully we'll get some CYOA soon. It'll probably be a while before I get to part three with the full-time work, full-time school, hour commute, and so on, but we'll see. Maybe I'll spend my 1/2 hour lunches writing notes for fic.

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Anyone up for playing beta on the 2nd part of CYOA? It's 1,655 words, so not much. Let me know here with your e-mail if you're interested or e-mail me at checkerboardsky @ gmail . com

CYOA talk and a SPN REC
don't be sad boys
I'm somewhere around 600 words for the CYOA-Supernatural, part 2. It's taking me longer than I thought because the boys just want to check each other out, not get catty with each other. *sigh* Oh, boys.

I'll write some more this evening as work looks down on the reading/writing/thinkingof porn while in the office. Stupid work.

The girlfriend, if she were awake, would say something like, "aren't you running late to work?" To which I'd have to answer in the positive. BUT I have a rec for my flist:

Title: This Life'll Be the Death of Me
Fandom: Supernatural; Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dean's best work is done with his hands.

Supernatural Ficathon, courtesy of estrella30!
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A Supernatural Ficathon. estrella30 wants your vote on whether you'd be interested in a SPN ficathon, the TYPE of ficathon you'd prefer, et cetera. Go, fill it out! Pimp in your journal, communities, and to your neighbors. Maybe not your neighbors.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Supernatural; voting closed for round 1
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The Choose Your Own Adventure, voting round one, closed last night. I'll begin writing what the majority chose and reveal it around Wednesday or Thursday for the next round of voting.

Thanks everyone!


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